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There continues to be a high demand for our services, and we hear often from advocates who tell us that our services and expertise are invaluable to them in their work with battered women and their children.

BWLAP is frequently seeking ways to improve the legal systems response to battered women, whether through the passage of new legislation, or the enforcement of current laws. BWLAP takes a leadership role in several state-wide collaborative efforts to address the legal and community needs of battered women. Our activities are aimed at reducing barriers, eliminating discrimination and creating long-term change.

BWLAP seeks justice for battered women by removing barriers to access, empowering victims and ensuring that they have access to skilled effective advocates. Our work is based on the premise that everyone has the right to justice, the right to receive the protection of the legal system, and the right to live a life free of violence, oppression and discrimination.

BWLAP strives to enable the system work more effectively by increasing appropriate responses and enabling partners to work together better.

Stalking Response Program

Due to the overwhelming, positive feedback we received from participants of the Stalking portion of the New Laws Trainings in 2008, BWLAP is taking the Stalking Response Program statewide.
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Immigration Project

BWLAP launched its Immigrant Battered Women's Initiative in 2002 to improve the ability of legal advocates and systems professionals to provide effective, complex advocacy and services to immigrant battered women and their children.
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There are many ways to help support BWLAP programming.

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Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are in danger, please use a safer computer and/or call Day One Minnesota's Domestic Violence Crisis Line at: 1.866.223.1111


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