Stalking Response Program

BWLAP is very excited and pleased to announce the implementation of the Stalking Response Program. Due to the overwhelming, positive feedback we received from participants of the Stalking portion of the New Laws Training in 2008, BWLAP, with Cornerstone's blessing, will be taking the Stalking Response Program statewide. Thirty-eight Project Partners in seventeen counties in Minnesota agreed to receive training and look at creating a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) for their community.

The overarching goal will be to train law enforcement, prosecution, victim-service providers and judicial stakeholders on the nature of stalking and its intersection with domestic violence and sexual assault in addition to providing technical assistance to those who are looking at developing a CCR in their community. The tools identified in the Stalking Response Protocol Incident and Behavior Logs, Time-line, Safety Plan, and Victim/Offender Folders-- will be at core of the CCR. Training will include content from the National Center for Victim's of Crime, Stalking Resource Center as well as Minnesota State specific programming materials. The Stalking Response Program will be available for training with non-project partners in Minnesota and provide technical assistance as needed and based on availability. In addition to training we will be developing an evaluation plan with battered women's advocacy to assess needs in their community and inform training and practice in the future.

Deirdre Keys came to BWLAP in January 2009 to continue the work she started at Cornerstone. She is available to assist folks who are working on stalking protocol for their agency through December 2010. In the last two years she worked exclusively with stalking victims, giving her a unique view on victim safety and making her a valuable asset to the mission of BWLAP.

In conclusion, the formation of the Stalking Response Program is based on the project started at Cornerstone Advocacy Service and we thank them for their pioneering spirit and willingness to collaborate and pass on the materials created there.

If you desire training, technical assistance, or victim advocacy please contact Deirdre Keys at

Listen to Deirdre discuss stalking on the radio

BWLAP and Deirdre are honored by the Secretary of State Mark Richie and the Safe at Home program. Press Release. 

Links to Resources

The National Center for Victims of Crime (, Stalking Resource Center provides technical assistance to the Stalking Response Program at BWLAP.

The Stalking Resource Center ( provides materials for media and networking around the topic of stalking.

Stalking Victim Sanctuary ( Linden Gross is one of the country's best authors on stalking. This web-site is broad and deep and can be a useful tool to save a life.

An annotated bibliography ( of stalking related books.



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